48 Hours in the Nordics

Hi Everyone!

If you’ve been following along on @adventureswithlove you’ve probably already seen a few posts about our time in Stockholm and Oslo but I wanted to share a few tips on what to see and what to do when you only have 24 hours in each city!

First of all, the Nordics are notoriously expensive.  I had heard it numerous times before the trip and thought to myself  “Ok well how bad can it really be?”  Well…. I’m here to tell you it’s REALLY expensive.  Both Stockholm and Oslo’s airports are quite a distance from the city centre and taxi’s and ubers are both equally expensive to transport you anywhere.  Our ubers were upwards of $70USD one way from the airport to the city and taxi’s were just as expensive.  In Oslo, you can take the train from the airport to the city, which we took advantage of.  But our 3 mile taxi from the train station to our AirBNB was still $30 USD.  The best way to get around these cities is to use your feet if possible!  After getting over the sticker shock, you’ll find that these places have so much to offer!

First off 24 hours Stockholm!

  1. Take a water taxi through the fjords.  It’s cheap and an easy way to tour the fjord without the actual tour.  We took a taxi to Grona Lund, their waterside theme park and it was perfect! Grona Lund was such a fun little place to kill time.  Keith and I aren’t big on museums (we’re 10 year olds, trapped in adult bodies I swear!) so this was a perfect option for us.  Some of the rides are quite tall and give a good view of the city as well!
  2. Walk around Old Town and have a drink at Pharmarium, a true mixology bar right in the heart of Old Town!
  3. Enjoy a Cinnemon Bun or 4!  Seriously, the whole city smells like cinnemon buns and they are hard to resist.  So so yummy!
  4. Visit the downtown area.  It’s full of newer buildings and modern upscale bars and dining options.  We visited the HOBO for a drink at their all sustainable bar!  They grow their own herbs to use in their delicious drinks!  We also visited TAK, a super upscale rooftop bar with amazing views of the city at sunset!
  5. Go see the metro station art!  Each of their metro stations has been painted differently and each one of them is simply stunning!

Stockholm was beautiful, and so worth seeing but Keith and I agree that 24 hours there was enough for us.

Oslo on the other hand, was a whole different story.  We fell in love with it and will definitely be back for more.  Here’s what to do with 24 hours in Oslo!

  1. Take a boat tour around the fjords and enjoy lunch by the water in Tjuvholmen.  The fjords in Oslo are breathtaking.  It wasn’t that warm out during our visit, around 70 degrees at the height of the day and quite cold during the night– and yet every restaurant had outdoor seating and it was packed!  Most provide blankets to keep warm and it was so nice to take in the views while enjoying fresh caught seafood!
  2. Walk around Karl Johans gate for some shopping!  It’s the main street for shopping and quite busy on nice days.  At the end of the street is the square where you’ll get to see Parliment and the many university buildings!
  3.  Visit the Opera house.  The architecture is stunning and it’s the only Opera house I’ve visited where you’re allowed to walk on the roof!
  4. Try out some food from the food trucks on Tjuvholmen!  It’s the best option for cheap food and oh so delicious!  I even got my Churro fix right in the heart of Oslo ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Visit the Theif’s rooftop bar.  The Theif is an upscale hotel known for it’s celebrity clientel and the view from their rooftop is breathtaking.  Overlooking the fjord during sunset is like a dream.

Have you ever visited Stockholm or Oslo?  What was your favorite part about each city?! Leave us any suggestions on what to see or do on our next visit in the comments section below!



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