Off the beaten path in Monaco


Sorry we haven’t been keeping up with our blog whilst on our trip!  I promise I will share all the details when we return but truth be told we’re on vacation and blog posts are a ton of work!  Here’s a little mini blog on our day in Monaco for the time being, short sweet and probably riddled with grammatical errors and less than perfectly edited photos.  We’re on holiday, sue us! 

Today we visited Monaco, a small country in the French Riviera known for glitz and glam and all things lux (oh, and one of the most well known races in the world 😊). Instead of indulging we explored some of the lesser known parts of Monaco!  

The best part by far was a little secluded beach underneath the Oceanographie museum!  Forget the crowds and check out this unbelievable little gem in the heart of Monaco.  It’s hard to believe we were surrounded by attractions in the center of Monte Carlo and there were only a handful of people on the beach when we arrived and they cleared out by around 4pm!  

To get to this magical little place, follow signs for the oceanographie museum.  Once you arrive at the museum you’ll see an escalator and stairs pointing towards parking.  Follow the stairs all the way down until you get to the back side of the museum.  From there follow the path until you reach a tiny set of stairs on the right!  So magical and untouched.  Enjoy 💙 

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