Backpacking Beauty Essentials 

Luggage in Thailand?  In the Cinque Terre? In Bali?  No thanks!  We prefer our backpacks.  Some destinations are fine for luggage, but more often than not, while trekking the cobblestone streets of Europe or deboarding a longtail in waste deep water in SE asia–luggage just isn’t practical.  

How in the world do you fit everything in one tiny backpack?! Answer: You don’t 😊. It forces you to bring only the essentials, and it’s great!  I’m in the midst of packing us up for our Eurotrip on Thursday and wanted to share what essentials I’m bringing to give you an idea of how we streamline all the junk and fit everything in to 2 backpacks.    

First off, I literally never leave home without sunscreen.  I was one of those girls in high school addicted to tanning beds and now that I’m 29 I can definitely see the affects it’s had on my skin. (I’ve had over 40 moles removed to date…Yep 40!  None have been cancerous and I’m trying to keep it that way!  The sun is no joke.) My esthetician pointed me towards an amazing tinted sunblock by #skin and I honestly couldn’t go without it.  It’s moisturizer, sunblock, and a bit of coverage all in one package and it’s non-comedogenic so you don’t have to worry about causing a nasty breakout after wearing it on the long plane ride.  I also pack clearderma by Face Reality for my night moisturizer.  Being in the sun all day long takes a toll on my skin and putting clearderma on at night helps seal in moisture and keep my skin looking fresh.  You can purchase these products through my amazing esthetician Magdelena.

Along with my tinted moisturizer I bring my favorite waterproof mascara and that completes my every day makeup look.  It’s simple and I don’t have to worry about makeup smudging or running when were hiking or swimming and yet I still don’t mind being photographed as it provides just enough coverage and pop for my eyes. 

The only other things I always bring for my face routine are a good face wash, a pair of tweezers and eyebrow scissors.  If any of you knew me in highschool you’d understand why I’m so obsessed with keeping my brows tamed. Lets just say none of the 27 thin squiggly shaped brows I had back then were flattering so I like to keep my brows on point–and it never hurts to have a scissors available.  

As far as hair goes I try to be low maintenece but still pack a restore shampoo and conditioner for those bad days after I’ve been swimming in a pool or ocean and my hair’s a wreck.  I bring sample sizes so it’s easy to carry and doesnt take up room in our bags.  I also bring a simple texture spray.  My hair naturally drys somewhere between curly and straight and it’s downright maddening sometimes.  I wish it’d make up its mind and pick one or the other but to avoid bringing a straightener I always go curly on vacation.  Adding a little texture spray, scrunching and drying usually gives me a beachy touselled look perfect for holidays in the sun.. but if that doesn’t work I’ve got a bandana and hairtie as backup 😉. 

The last thing I packed are 3 sample frangrances that I can toss in a beach bag or purse to keep smelling fresh throughout the day.  My sister in law took us to Le Labo in Chicago and I fell in love with their frangrances.  Their sample sizes are travel perfect and are only $6 a pop!   

Simple, streamlined, and most importantly LIGHTWEIGHT 🙌🏻. Happy backpacking! 

Don’t forget to follow our Eurotrip on instagram and stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts on Stockholm, Oslo, Cinque Terre, Nice, and Monaco!  

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