National Donut Day: A guide to my top doughnut shops around the world

Anyone who knows me knows at least one of three things: 1. I travel, ALOT. 2. Someone could describe me as a crazy dog lady and it wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate.  3. I’m completely and utterly obsessed with doughnuts (If I’m being  honest, this really extends to pretty much any fried dough including but not limited to churros, biegnets, trdelniks, and kurtoskalacs).  Although I insist that every day is in fact doughnut day, the rest of the nation has alotted this day to be the official day of doughnuts.  To celebrate I’m sharing my all-time favorite doughnut shops from around the world!  Note:  I haven’t seen the whole world (yet)  or tasted every doughnut the world has to offer, so if I missed your favorite doughnut shop feel free to comment and I’ll put it on my ‘must taste’ list for future trips and maybe revise my list!

1.  Doughnut Vault- Chicago, IL


Doughnut Valut is hands down, without question, my favorite doughnut shop of all time.  Yes, that’s an engagement picture of us with Doughnut Vault doughnuts. (When I said I was obsessed, I meant literally obsessed). What makes them so good?  Probably the fact that it tastes like a perfectly glazed cloud of awesome in every bite.  Their old fashioned doughnuts literally melt in your mouth and yet you can’t go wrong with just a plain ol doughnut hole or a filled homemade lemon curd. Pro tip- they are only open until they run out so get their early and plan to wait in line or catch the vault van in the morning!

2.  Dough Darlings-Bali, Indonesia

If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Seminyak, dough darlings is a must try.  They have everything from classic glazed to a salted durian doughnut.  My favorites were the creme brulee and their savory mozerella donut, YUM!

3. Glamdoll Donuts-Minneapolis, MN

 I would be remiss if I didn’t include our wedding doughnut creators in my list of favorite  spots.  They truly are delicious.  My favorite is their bourbon glazed apple fritter.  Apple fritters are my all time favorite doughnut, and they don’t disappoint!

4. Voodoo Doughnuts-Denver, CO (and other locations)

What can you really say about a doughnut shop that sells doughnuts shaped like male genetalia besides make sure you stop here.  Don’t let the names fool you, everything is down-right delicious.  My favorites are the memphis mafia (bananas and cinnemon smothered in chocolate and peanut butter..seriously) and the blueberry cake!

5. Dum Dum Donutterie- London, UK

This is the first artisan doughnut shop to make all of their doughnuts baked, not fried, and I gotta tell you I wasn’t upset about it.  These doughnuts are not missing any of the flavor of your more traditional doughnut and I don’t feel so guilty after indulging in the devine creme brulee for breakfast every morning when I’m in London on business.

Honorable Mention.  Glazed and Infused–Chicago, IL

Shocker, another Chicago doughnut shop made the list. This place is totally worth a mention.  Back when I worked in an office,  a co-worker of mine was just about as obsessed with Glazed and Infused as I am with Doughnut Vault.  While I maintain their status as 2nd best doughnut shop in Chicago, I was NEVER mad when he brought treats to try to change my mind.  Their maple glazed is bomb.



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