Staying Fit on the Road

So you travel a lot… that must mean you gain a ton of weight while on the go right?  Quite frankly, no! Not if you’re dedicated!

I like to think Keith and I have struck a good balance between treat yo self and clean eating on the go.  Below are some tips and my favorite hotel room workouts! Yes, entire workouts I do in my hotel room in cases where there is no gym available.  Mind you, I’m NOT a personal trainer, these are just things that have helped me stay healthy while traveling.  Always consult a physician before starting a new workout regime and don’t hurt yourself!

The number one thing we pay attention to when travelling is walking.  We try to walk everywhere.  Yes, it seems so simple but when you’re exploring it can be easy to just hop in a cab and go from site to site.  Walking 1-2 miles or more between sites and attractions is often only an extra 20 minutes but it makes all the difference if you go to 2-3 attractions per day.  Be careful to research the area of course, you don’t want to put yourself at risk but it’s an easy way to save cash and burn some calories. PLUS you get to explore many of the shops and local spots on your way that you’d otherwise miss.

Another thing we try to do is book airbnb or homeaway rather than hotels.  It gives us the flexibility to cook for ourselves and have control over what we’re putting in our bodies.  Of course we go out to eat and indulge in cultural cuisine as well, but we don’t do it for every single meal.  We save a little money by doing breakfasts at the airbnb and usually pack a picnic lunch so we can sit down and eat whenever we get hungry.

By nature we are explorers.  We love hiking, walking, sports, and other active activities.  So maybe this last tip won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s worth mentioning.  GET PHYSICAL!  Go for a hike, rent a bicycle, go to a local gym, walk on the beach, go for a swim or play some volleyball.  Not only are these easy ways to get your sweat on but you get to meet lots of other people doing them!  What’s better than making new friends around the world?

Below you’ll find my 2 favorite hotel workouts!

Mini Ab Buster

  • 25x sit-ups
  • 25x flutter kicks (hands on chest not below butt!)
  • 25x mountain climbers
  • 25x toe touches

All 4 exercises 4 times through!

Road Warrior

  • 25x Air squats
  • 15x Push ups
  • 25x Jumping squat
  • 20x Bicycle crunches
  • 15x Reverse crunches

All 5 exercises 5 times through!

Just finished hotel ab buster!

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