Head North

This past weekend we packed up the jeep and headed up to Northern Wisconsin.  Both Keith’s parents and my parents have lake houses about 20 minutes from each other and it’s one of our favorite destinations for a quick recharge.  We grew up in the northwoods, we were up there nearly every weekend from the time we were children.  In the Winter months Minocqua and Lac du Flambeau offer amazing snowmobile trails and wildlife and in the summer months endless chains of lakes are packed with boats taking full advantage of everything lake life has to offer.  

It’s just starting to liven up around town as the ice melts and the days are getting longer.  In the morning the water was like glass, the trees are turning green again and their reflections reminded me to take a step back and reflect on how lucky I’ve been to grow up with such beauty surrounding me. When I was a kid I hated going up north with the family.  I hated the lack of friends, the missing out on parties back home, the complete silence outside and the fact that I had to entertain myself for once.  Looking back I wish I had those days back to truly appreciate the calm this beautiful place can instill in one’s soul.  

Where’s your quiet place?  The place that centers you and brings you back to earth?  Ive found mine in this spot by the lake.  A place where I can hear my thoughts and heal the need to constantly be busy.  Here, I can just BE.

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