Broken sea, angels billabong and an abandoned beach…

Yesterday we took on a bit of Nusa Penida and explored the broken sea, angels billabong and an abandoned beach down what seemed like an impossible cliff–Kelingking beach.  We booked through Bali tours and expected to be boated to each place and then hike to the top.  When we arrived we discovered we were getting on a public ferry to penida and then had a private car taking us to each destination.  Beware: the road is extremely bumpy and it’s about an hour and a half drive from the pier to broken beach.  We passed several villages on the way, beautuful scenery and farms all the way up the mountain.  Broken beach was simply stunning.  If you walk directly right of broken beach you’ll find yourself at the edge of angels billabong.  The beautiful natural pool is full of crystal blue water filled by the ocean at high tide and by the waves rushing in from the sea.  During low tide you are allowed to swim in it.  Be careful, people die every year here swimming by being swept out to the ocean and on to the rocks.  We took the car to the top of a cliff for lunch and then attempted the treacherous climb down to an abandoned beach below.  There were only bamboo railings to hold on to and the railings ended part way down the cliff making it difficult for anyone to get to the beach.  Only experienced athletes should attempt the climb.  After lunch we headed to crystal bay for a much needed dip after a long hot day and the climb beforehand.  Wish we had more time to explore the other wonders of Nusa Penida, but we will be back someday!

View from the top of the cliff
Pano on the climb down
Half way there
Pushing the limits
No idea what I was in for
Plateau before shit got real…
The final stretch
Broken sea
Angel’s Billabong


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