The only way to snorkel in the Gilis

If you’ve ever been to indonesia, you’ll be familiar with how difficult it is to find quality excursions at a reasonable price.  The hotel excursions are only offered for groups and with all of the various companies and scammers on the streets it can be difficult to determine how to explore the Gilis on your own terms without being ripped off.  Cue  Seriously, the best company ever.  No bargaining for one thing and then having them switch and bait you with extras.  No exhorbitant prices for a subpar group experience.  Private tours at a reasonable price that you can book and pay securely online!  We booked a private 3 island snorkeling tour for 2 for $37.46 per person.  Yes, you read that right. A full day of boating and snorkeling for me and the hubby for under $75.  So, you get what you pay for right?  Wrong.  Our guide Ady met us at the pier at 10 am with water in tow.  After taking our fin sizes we were fitted with fins and taken to the boat.  It was an old style boat with a glass bottom, totally authentic, and totally awesome.  He provided us with water straight away and gave us a run down of some possible spots that might interest us.  From turtles, to a ship wreck, to coral– Ady knew it all.  Since it had just stormed the previous night visibility was not great so we told him to take us wherever he thought we would see the most.  Man did he deliver!  We went off the coast of Gili T first and saw various colorful fish and a giant sea turtle (including Dory and Nemo).  We brought our gopro with us to film but after Keith trying to dive down a few times for shots it was evident neither of us could hold our breath long enough to capture the amazing life that was happening below us.  Ady was incredible, without even asking he grabbed our gopro and went to the bottom of the sea and took amazing images and video of a clown fish in the anemone and us swimming beside the turtle.  At our next stop we saw huge coral reef complete with sea urchin, lionfish, stingray, and another turtle and Ady got amazing footage of all of it for us.  He was like a fish, we have minutes of uninterupted video from the bottom of the ocean, I’ve never seen anyone hold their breath that long!  Our last stop was at fish bay where we crushed up bread in our hands and fish came in schools to eat right from our hands, truely incredible.  I can’t give govoyagin enough stars.  No hassle, no communication issues, nothing but an awesome time and great memories at an even better price! 

Visit for all of their incredible adventures throughout bali and the surrounding islands!




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