Gili T

We’re here in Gili Trawangan Indonesia calling Hotel Ombak Sunset home base for the next 3 days.  Getting here was..interesting.  I booked a transfer through the hotel, they arranged a ‘fast boat’ to pick us up from McDonalds Jimbaran, take us to the pier and then take the boat over to gili T.  We sat at McDonalds almost an hour and a half before the driver finally came to get us.  Once in the car he drove around for almost 2 more hours (and even stopped to pick up cigarettes).  Not exactly what an angry group of paying customers wants to see after you show up absurdly late.  Anyways, once we reached the pier, it was pure chaos.  Not only are there 20 other ‘fast boats’, but they are basically just ferrys who coincidentially informed us we had missed our last boat by 5 min. (Thanks cigarette chuck) and would need to wait at the pier for another hour.  Ok ok.  When we arrived at Gili T I was shocked at how small the island was and how blue the waters were.  We hopped off the ferry and tried to find the guide that was supposed to take us to the hotel.  After walking up the strip about 10 minutes our hotel escort finally rode up on a bike and commendeered a horse and buggy for our bags.  Gili T has no motor vehicles, horses and bicycles only (cutest thing ever when you’re not loaded down with 100 lbs of luggage).  Ombak Sunset is quite far from the busy strip of Gili, a horse is a must if you’re carrying luggage.  We were welcomed to the hotel with a lovely drink and complimentary upgrade and suddenly we could care less about how difficult getting here was.  The ocean swings and sunset made us forget it all.  Last night we noticed the line for sunset pics with the swings so we decided to get up early and try our luck at sunrise.  Best decision ever.  We were out there alone on the ocean swings for nearly an hour, it was so quiet and peaceful.  We spent today biking around exploring Gili T, eating and the wonderful restaurants on the main strip.  Be careful when eating street food, Gili T is known for their magic mushrooms.. unless you want to take a slightly different ‘trip’ than intended politely decline the offer for magic of any kind.  Tomorrow we’re planning on exploring the other Gili’s: Gili Air and Gili Meno.  Stay tuned 💋

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