Skydiving in Sydney

We were lucky enough to receive skydiving for a wedding gift this past weekend and booked skydiving in Wollongong!  What a rush.  We took a bus out from Sydney which took about 2 hours.  Once we got there we suited up, met our instructors and were bused up to the airport.  Our group of 10 all loaded into a baby plane with the door wide open.  Once we got to the drop point we all one by one dangled our feet off the edge as our instructors pushed us out.  No time to turn back, you’re goin’ whether you want to or not.  The free fall was incredible.   The first couple hundred feet your stomach was in a knot but as you open your eyes and fall further the feeling in your stomach is overcome but such a rush of adrenaline.  Unreal.  When he pulled the shoot we glided over the ocean for a few minutes taking in the views before landing in the grass just off the beach.  Afterwards my HUBBY (sorry, that’s new for us) headed to Duggies for a pimm’s celebration.  Couldn’t recommend this experience more, it’s a must do if you’re ever in Sydney!

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