Santorini Blues

While I’m lucky to have soaked in these views for any amount of time, we only had 12 hours to spend in this beautiful place.  It’s like no other I’ve seen in any of my travels.  The cobblestone streets, the blue top buildings, the vines, and that deep blue ocean.  We made port in Thira and were dead set on getting to see Oia in such a short period.  We waited an hour at the taxi stand with no taxi in sight and a “line” of 100 people waiting to do the same thing.  We finally called the number and when the Taxi showed up he was mobbed by angry people anxious to make the trip over to Oia.  We spent most of our time in the village of Oia exploring the shops and restaurants and taking turns capturing stunning photos of the landscape with another couple we had met on the cruise.  We retreated to red bicycle to get out of the summer heat and enjoy cocktails and delicious authentic Mediterranean fair and I cannot say enough about the staff.  Wonderful service all around.  We were limited by our time there and felt it wasn’t nearly enough to truly experience Santorini.  We’ll make the trip back in 2018, stay tuned!


Stay a minimum of 3 days.

Do an all greek islands cruise if you choose to go the cruise route, usually they have a couple days scheduled for the island.

Forget the taxi, drive a scooter or 4wheeler.

Take the tram, don’t take the stairs (even on the way down) unless you’re in sneakers.  The stairs are slippery and are full of rogue donkeys. Where there are donkeys, there is donkey poop.  We saw several people take a spill right into manure, not exactly what you want to be covered in on vacation.

One thought on “Santorini Blues

  1. We stayed a week. On the beach at Perivolos. We visited most of the island. It wasn’t enough. two years on, and a couple of other places, we still have a need to go back. Something special about Santorini.

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